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Paws for Pets

Dear Friend,

Welcome to Day Eight of the Paws for Pets Challenge!

Thank you for joining us for the Paws for Pets Challenge. You play a critical role in Lollypop Farm's life-saving mission and creating a compassionate and just community. Did you know? Teacup or “mini” pigs are actually a myth perpetuated by breeders and the media. A healthy potbellied pig can grow to weigh 80-180 pounds. Many pigs brought to Lollypop Farm are surrendered because they grew too big for the home they were living in.

Paws for Pets Challenge: Day Eight

Check out our online resources and sign up to meet some pig friends in person during Potbellied Pig Belly Rub sessions at Lollypop Farm!

Day 8
Potbellied pig belly rubs - they're kind of a pig deal!

Thank you so much for taking the time to subscribe to this wonderful resource. Keep an eye out for more inspiration each morning of the Paws for Pets Challenge as we take a moment to "paws" and come together to create a just and compassionate world for all animals.

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