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Paws for Pets

Dear Friend,

Welcome to Day Twenty-One of the Paws for Pets Challenge!

Thank you for joining us for the Paws for Pets Challenge. You play a critical role in Lollypop Farm's life-saving mission and creating a compassionate and just community. Did you know that Lollypop Farm has specialized Facebook groups to help provide specific resources for animal lovers?

Paws for Pets Challenge: Day Twenty-One

Interested in Equine? Caring for a community cat? Looking for activities for young animal lovers? There's a Facebook group for that! Stay up to date by joining one or more of our online communities including Lollypop Farm Equine Program, Lollypop Spotters, Lollypop Farm Working Cat Program, and Lollypop Farm: Animal Activities and Educational Resources.

Day 21
You can sign up for specialized Facebook groups like Lollypop Farm Equine Program for great resources for your specific interests.

Thank you for joining us in the Paws for Pets Challenge to show your love for all animals—your pets and those who need our help! We look forward to continuing to tackle more challenges with you to help create a compassionate community for the pets and people in our community. Together we can make a life-saving difference.

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